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What’s New in WordPress 4.6

What’s New in WordPress 4.6

WordPress 4.6 “Pepper” is named in honor of saxophonist Park Frederick “Pepper” Adams III, is available for download or update in your WordPress dashboard. In this version there are no major changes, vice versa – a small updates of existing core WordPress functionality, which speeds up simplifies the work and help you to focus on the important things.
This is the second major release of 2016, and it brings some exciting new enhancements and fixes several bugs. Above this release have worked more than 270 developers and designers from around the world. The release is available for download on more than 50 languages.

What’s New in WordPress 4.6?

Native Fonts

The WordPress dashboard will now use your native system font for the admin area. This will make WordPress load faster and feel like your native device and platform.

Shiny Updates

Interface of installation and update the plugins greatly simplified. Downloading and installing packages occur asynchronously, it is much easier and faster for update multiple plugins at the same time.

Inline Link Checker

Highlighting Broken Links in Visual Editor. Since 4.6, WordPress will now attempt to check for broken or poorly formatted links when you are using the Visual Editor. If a link is broken, then it will highlight the linked anchor text with red dots, showing the link URL in red.

Content Recovery

Recovering saved content is even easier with WordPress 4.6.
As you type, WordPress saves your content to the browser. Now the kernel will prefer the version that is stored in the user’s browser, if it is different from the version that was previously stored in the server automatically.

WordPress developers have prepared a short video to this release:

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