Helper Wordpress

Helper Wordpress

Wordpress can be fast. Very fast. Really :) constructor

What the customer wantedQuickly shop on Woocommerce. Many consider Wordpress and Woocommerce - it "heavy" engines. But with proper approach it is quite possible to achieve result 86-90 in Google Page Speed, which is confirmed by this store. You can see and check it:

What has been doneThe main secret in the rejection of unnecessary plugins, and get required JS/CSS files only where necessary.
A simple example - it is familiar plugins like Slider Revolution or Contact Form 7 include scripts and styles on all pages of the site, but this scripts/styles used only on the main page and on the contacts page, respectively.
In this site, the slider was integrated directly into the theme, and customer can manage it on the template settings page. And via simple function, Contact Form 7 loads additional files only on the contacts page.
Additionally, implemented several skins with the ability to switch between them.

What the customer wantedFully restore the site from the web archive and convert it to Wordpress. It mean, parse all content (including comments) and create a converter that will put content into the Wordpress. Then create a template that looks like old website. URL`s must be identical to the old site.

What has been doneThe creation of the template was the easiest part of the project, although the template turned out to be similar only externally. I used Bootstrap 4, which means adaptability and optimization for mobile devices. Also added microformats But the creation of a converter - even more complicated step, but more interesting :) The converter turned out to be quite versatile and can turn any content into XML-export file for WordPress.

What the customer wantedFor online store needed the home cinema constructor: for visitor is invited to answer a few questions, and based on the responses generate the most suitable offer. It should be possible to send the generated result by email and save to PDF. Prices and product names should be taken from the database of online store.

What has been doneFor frontend were used modern frameworks - such as Twitter Bootstrap and jQuery. The server part is made based on CodeIgniter, but not as a shop module - this solution allows you to not be tied to a specific platform. The constructor has its own adminpanel in which customer can edit the questions and constructor settings. In the process, I learned about some of the nuances of home theater - for example, for room of 60 sq.m. do not use the 5 speakers, since this is not enough for a complete volumetric sound. The constructor turned out quite smart and takes into account such nuances, and in the case of discrepancies room size and the number of speakers/subwoofers warns visitors that this values are not correct, and displays the corrected result.

What the customer wantedModern, fast, convenient, adaptive directory of gadgets on the Android OS. Each gadget has to have a description, technical details, customer reviews and the list of online-stores where you can purchase it.

What has been doneFor the modern site have been used modern frameworks: CodeIgniter + jQuery + Twitter Bootstrap. The frontend has been write from scratch, for the backend has been used one of the free templates. Results: validation - 100%, optimization for mobile devices - 100%, the page speed for mobile - 92%, the the page speed for desktops - 96% 100% page speed for a commercial site - is possible, only if completely abandon external files (Google Analytics, Advertising Banners, Social Widgets)... But 90% and above, is also good, right? You can see it here:

What the customer wantedPorting store from the old version of opencart to version 2+. Also customer want to adapt online-store for mobile devices.

What has been donePorting of information (categories, products) was carried out by default tools opencart. Porting of template - it my work, it took 5 working days. As a result, according to Google webmaster tools, we have the convenience to mobile users 98 out of 100, the page speed for mobile users 93 out of 100, the page speed for desktops 96 out of 100. Not bad, what do you think? You can see it here:

What the customer wantedBlog with a simple and easy navigation + catalog Austrian hotels. Design and functionality of catalog should be different from the main categories.

What has been doneThe word "blog" often sounds next to the word "wordpress". This platform was chosen because of simplicity and advanced SEO-features. Pagination, the output thumbnails, and related news implemented directly in the template. E-mail-subscription and Crossposting to twitter made through fidberner. A small number of plug-ins (used only three - AIO-seo, cyr-2-lat and plugin for deferred publication in LJ) has a positive effect on the rate of load pages. Catalog is implemented using custom fields + template functions.

What the customer wantedOnline Shop of projectors and related equipment. Key requirements - has to be user-friendly search (actually several types of search) of projectors and related equipment.

What has been doneTo store was chosen platform WebAsyst. The most time-consuming part of the work - the plug-in charge of the search. Despite the fact that there is a built in WebAsyst "advanced search" for various reasons had to do a separate module:
First, the default searches work within categories only - but in task, he had to work on all pages.
Secondly, according to the task, depending on the categories and add. characteristics of the item, should be output or goods, or results page (you can click the "Select Model" or "select Part Number" to see the difference). (more…)

What the customer wantedModern corporate blog, which has several templates for categories (for example, in category "products" posts in two columns, in category "articles" in one column with a preview, etc.)

What has been doneWordPress has been chosen as the most suitable platform for blogs. Top menu made the usual html (there are mixed the posts and pages). Thumbnails implemented through the_post_thumbnail () + various kinds of template has been implemented by various kinds files (4-category, category-5, etc.). The slider on the main page - fast and easy S3 slider. "Engorgement" WordPress has been cured banal caching.

What the customer wantedMultilingual promotional site about the work of the musician Peter Omelchenko. Several subscription options, multiple news feeds. Also photo and video gallery, listen and download mp3-files.

What has been doneThis site was chosen one of the most functional engines with open source - Joomla! The idea is that it is designed specifically for such sites - because about half of the functional has been realized with standard components for Joomla. Some of them had to convert for customer requirements - for example the output messages from the guestbook on your homepage, modified announcements. For the site was created two patterns - one in the screenshot, there is a second more "rigorous" in shades of gray.