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Helper Wordpress

Wordpress can be fast. Very fast. Really :)

About me as about WordPress Freelancer

Hi. My name is Taras Roik. I`m WordPress Freelancer and this is my blog. If you looking for hire WordPress Developer or WooCommerce Developer, maybe I can help you.

I`m WordPress Freelancer :)
I`m WordPress Freelancer 🙂

Above all, I want to report some of my “disadvantages” (which are maybe, will called as nuances). I just want you to know about it.

Firstly about English – It not native for me and I don`t speaking pure. Secondly, I and the customer can be in different time zones. Because I live in Ukraine, but you’re maybe in the USA or Canada. If you are not frustrated by these “disadvantages”, I will be glad to help you. My plugins can be cheaper in compared with the plugins of USA developer, but it not mean low quality.

If you are looking for hire wordpress developer from another country, then you may have looked at developers from Asia or Russia, and may have not yet decided. Try to ask yourself a simple question – how much do you know about Russian quality? And compare it with products of Ukrainian developers (such as Magento) – it are in demand around the world. Also, Ukraine was ranked the first among countries of the Central/Eastern Europe by the volume of IT outsourcing services provided. This means that global well-known companies are trying to hire exactly Ukrainian developers. Also this means that cooperation with Ukrainian WordPress freelancers is very perspective.

WooCommerce Developer

WooCommerce Developer, the plugin example
Example of WooCommerce Plugin

I have experience in front end development for different types of sites, including high load projects. Also I have experience in IT-security (removal malware, userdata protection and etc).
I can create any WordPress plugin or theme from scratch, also I can modify any current WordPress plugin or theme. My code is clear, fast and optimized – it mean, your website will be 100% valid, 100% mobile-friendly, 100% SEO-friendly;

Currently I engaged in the creation of websites – creation layouts and templates for popular CMS, also creation or modification of the required plug-ins. I have experience with CMS Drupal, E107, WordPress, Joomla! Also have experience for e-commerce engines – WooCommerce, OpenCart, PrestaShop. For every customer I try to choose the most optimal platform but my most popular choise – it WooCommerce. This is the best for small e-stories and as WooCommerce Developer I can create very flex solutions.

WordPress Freelancer, my Rules:

  1. Security. Comfort, functionality, beauty, speed of work can not be sacrificed at the expense of safety. It mean, I must filter all incoming data, check all referrers of data, etc;
  2. Speed on backend. Comfort or beauty can not be sacrificed at the expense of speed. The simplest example – use loops within loops is unacceptable;
  3. Speed on frontend. The site should load quickly, to a large extent it depends on the skill and expirience of the developer. All my customers have page speed 85% and more;
  4. Hight-quality code, without hardcode. For example, you can check your error.log file before my work and after my work – you will like result 😉 ;
  5. Compatibility. As I sayd, I don`t like hardcode. I use standarts such WP-codex for WordPress (it must to know all WordPress Freelancers). And you will sure in compatibility for other plugins/themes and for futured WP versions;
  6. 100% valid HTML code and compatibility with all modern browsers (if required, I make compatible with older, up to IE6 😉 )
  7. The site should look good on all displays, so priority is given to responsive layout;
  8. The site should look good, even if disable images or js in browser. Just little advice to customers: before accepting the project, try disable images in the browser and make sure that the site is not “has broken”;

Hire WordPress Developer, ready?

Maybe, other WordPress Freelancer can say the same (security/speed/quality/etc). Well, how customer can check it? I think, he can check the personal blog of freelancer. It very easy and it will take few minutes only, but you will be sure (or not sure). If freelancer says about good speed his blog should also have a good speed, and it mean your site will be fast. The same about other rules.

I hope, you will check me before you decide hire me as WordPress Developer/WooCommerce Developer :). You can check via w3org validator, and of course, tests from Google (such as page speed test and mobile friendly test). If tests passed, you can hire me on Upwork or just contact me via contact form.