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Helper Wordpress

Wordpress can be fast. Very fast. Really :)

What the customer wantedOnline store based on Webasyst, that sells replicas of luxury watches. From additions: brands + advanced search on all pages (based on brands) + successful bid in one click.

What has been doneI did make template in accordance with the requirements of the customer.
Brands in this case a separate module.
Advanced search can work with all categories at once.
Quick purchase is made by analogy with the previous shop - ie next to the button "Add to Cart" there is another button, to buy in one click.

What the customer wantedNeed a shop selling products of Apple. Of the additional features - buy in one click, without basket (ie, the customer enters a name and email, and the order is sent to the manager, who is contacted with the customer.)

What has been doneI did make template for Webasyst "in the style of Apple". "Quick Buy" - just another button next to the button "Add to cart", by clicking on that, the buyer does not need to enter anything other than the name and the e-mail.
The slider on the home page - is one of the regular lists of Webasyst, slightly modified. The owner of the store administration panel can choose which products to scroll in the slider. Reworked menu of categories.

What the customer wantedMake template on engine for online shops Webasyst, but as the budget was limited, no additional modules are not provided.

What has been donePlatform - WebAsyst. I will tell you a little secret;) - some things in WebAsyst absent (eg brands search or advanced search), can implement task - if think about the structure of the store. As for appearance ... even though I am not a supporter of the dark designs, but I think this has turned out well - the text reads well, all previews are limited in size and not out from specified limits. And, for example, if to change transparency, achieved a nice effect in the top horizontal menu.

What the customer wantedGiven: old site on primitive CMS. Requires: a site with elements of social network, operating with a high load (55 000 users at the start of the work)

What has been doneAs a "working tool" made NGCMS - perhaps the most adapted to high loads of open-source engines. Some plugins were taken "out of the box" - such as messages between users, some plugins converted from the "regular" - such as registration or the addition of applications, but the best part of plugins was written specifically for this project. In addition to creating the template, I have been made:
1. notifications of new posts
2. Search users
3. Advanced search with the additional fields
4. Two plug-in, working as a mini-adminbar (ie a user adds or edits their data through them without falling into the admin panel site)
5. Statistics

What the customer wantedPorting the old site on old engine (used even php3) on a more modern and secure platform. Many pages already in the index of the search systems, so all URL-s need to remain same, as on the old site.

What has been doneThe choice fell on Amiro CMS.
The first thing that was done - is the integration of design into the CMS. That integration and not creating a template, because Amiro CMS lacking many familiar templates - ie design had to make from scratch.
In my opinion, it turned out very well - thanks to the use of negative margins (CSS) in layout content is loaded earlier than the sidebar. Because the higher main content is in the code of the page, the more relevant it is estimated for search systems.
In addition, it was necessary to "make friends" with Amiro CMS slider images and an online cost calculator work, which was completed successfully.
Moreover, site is easily switched from a fixed layout on a flex (and vice versa).

What the customer wantedFunctional online store, with the ability to change the location and contents of blocks from the administration panel, as well when viewing the product must be demonstration of the similar goods.

What has been donePlatform - WebAsist. With the arrangement of the blocks on the main page (upper and lower slider, news, stocks, bestsellers) I make simple - this additional categories of objects that accordingly decorated.
But with the basket I spent a long time - from "native" basket of WebAsist was left virtually nothing. This is clearly seen on the screenshot (click "Next" to view) or on the website.
Also added the ability to purchase goods on credit. In general store a really functional, although somewhat resource-intensive - ie, need a good server.

What the customer wantedGet a jewelry store on the platform webasyst, one of the requirements of the customer - need to sort by name and by producers.

What has been doneThe customer asked for responsive design.
Also in this work is actively used a three-dimensional positioning of objects. I use z-index - just look at the objects that above the main menu and above the slider despite the change in the size of the window.
Also z-index use for image previews of goods - that is, the picture itself is physically located under the frame with rounded corners. Thus it turns out that every picture looks loaded with rounded corners.

What the customer wantedShop musical instruments and related products, one of the requirements of the customer - need to sort by name and by producers.

What has been donePlatform - Prestashop. - is it one of the best (if not best) today Free platform for e-commerce.
In addition to responsive template I made several modules - for example, a multi-level menu accordion, replacing staff "native prestashop" menu, and a module for social networks.

What the customer wantedSite for the Austrian company, which is engaged in translations. The engine - Joomla. Full multilingual (example, if the visitor is located on the English page of "contacts" and clicks on the German version of the site - it has to see the German version of the page "contacts" rather than on the home page of the German version).

What has been doneJoomla and component JoomFish enough for 80-90% of the functional, but some things had to write from scratch. For example the feedback form - until recently, satisfying the conditions of the component (multilingual and can add any number of fields) did not exist.
Or e-mail form (a letter to the customer come in the desired language). Or the main menu - standard navigation of Joomla also not enough for a full multilingual. (more…)