Helper Wordpress

Helper Wordpress

Wordpress can be fast. Very fast. Really :)

What the customer wantedMultifunctional wedding portal with directory. News, articles, bulletin board, photo and video gallery, catalog companies providing wedding services.

What has been doneThe software part - my authoring job, based on the "symbiose" of two independent engines.
Bulletin board has a very high flexibility - for example, allows you to make an unlimited number of conditions and options. Advanced two-level cache system can withstand heavy loads. Integration with the Forum SMF.

What the customer wantedSimple and inexpensive online store on Joomla + Virtuemart.

What has been doneI am one of those who believes that the universal tool is worse than a special. bolts easier and more efficient tighten spanner instead of pliers.
I think that Joomla! is not very suitable for the creation of online shops, but this example shows that a good shop with a quite acceptable functionality can be done even on the Jumla!

What the customer wantedA simple business card site. Since the customer already has a number of sites on Joomla!, is one of the conditions - CMS Joomla!

What has been doneThis work turned out really very simple. Customer selected the appropriate flash-template on My task was to adapt of this template for Joomla! - ie any difficulties, interestingly, were not.
This site in the my portfolio for the sole reason that I do not have in portfolio sites "business cards". Online-stores, or catalogs, or corporate websites - this is have... So now let be and business cards ;)

What the customer wantedNeeded a multilingual business-directory, with the ability to search and sort on various criteria. The template must be "flex" - ie, adapt to the screen resolution of the visitor.

What has been doneThe selected engine (from I-Soft Bizness) is a very good price/functionality. The closest competitor - phpMyDirectory - is exactly 2 times more expensive and less adapted to the Russian-speaking users. The work consisted of a 2-stages: 1. Correction of errors and completion of the program 2. design and adapt template (more…)

What the customer wantedNeeded a stand-alone blog with a photo gallery and some possibilities "livejournal-style" Well, of course, 100% valid code and cross-browser compatibility.

What has been doneI think that I have the full right to call it exclusive, since in this work has been realized several exclusive solutions.
First - this is the server time (display tooltips). Time is not displayed via javascript. I use php - it allows the visitor, regardless of the time zone, see time of the mistress of the blog.
This is seen in the screenshot (made at a time when the mouse was been hover on the clock).

What the customer wanted100% valid code, cross-browser compatibility, trendy asymmetrical design. Three versions of the pages - the main page, the page of categories and the page of articles.

What has been doneOne of my first relatively serious work. Seriously I mean not only the price level of the project, but also some innovations that are implemented for the first time. After the creation of this site I made for myself an unexpected conclusion - browsers IE7 and IE7 "emulation mode" (ie when in the 7th Eksplorer include so-called compatibility mode) - is a completely different browsers.