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Best image optimizer wordpress

Best image optimizer wordpress

For good speed results of your website without doubt, very important optimize images. Loading image 200 kb – is not the same as loading image 100 kb. Seems like, it is clear, right? In this article I will compare the result of the most popular free plugins for optimize images and choose the best image optimizer wordpress.

The main requirement is the possibility of free use for personal blogs. I know about commertial solutions, and sooner or later I will consided paid plugins. But at the present time I testing free plugins only.

Also I will not consider EWWW Image Optimizer, since the free version requires the inclusion of exec() for the server. It allow run any Unix command direct via PHP code. In my opinion it is unacceptable, because for me especially relevant safety.

Let`s go 🙂

Best image optimizer wordpress, test conditions:

Three images without compression, JPEG quality – 100
Server –
Template – Extra Speed Blog
This server and this template provide a score of 100 in PageSpeed Insights in the absence of non-optimized images.
Test plugins:
WP Smush
ShortPixel Image Optimizer

Testing images:

Without a doubt, the quality of compress depends from content of picture. For this reason, in my testing (as Best Image Optimizer wordpress) I`ll use 3 images: nature, city and face.

1 – Nature (376 Kb). In our case it field with sunflowers, because it like Ukrainian flag.
2 – City (300 Kb). In our case this is photo of nighty Kyiv, because it just beautiful city.
3 – Face (86 kb). In our case this photo of Jana Zinkevich, known Volunteer and commander of the Hospitaller battalion.

Nature for test best image optimizer wordpress plugin
Nature for test best image optimizer wordpress plugin (376 Kb).
City for choose best image optimizer wordpress plugin
City for choose best image optimizer wordpress plugin (300 Kb).
Face for choose best image optimizer wordpress plugin
Face for choose best image optimizer wordpress plugin (86 kb).

Image optimizers, results:

Nature Image (Sunflowers) City Image (Kyiv) Face Image (Jana) Google Page Speed
Default 376 Kb 300 Kb 86 Kb 64/100
WP Smush 360 kb 285 kb 84 Kb 65/100
TinyPNG/TinyJPG 113 kb 94 kb 19 kb 92/100
ShortPixel Image Optimizer 79 kb 68 kb 14 kb 100/100

Best image optimizer wordpress, conclusions:

The undisputed leader in the optimize files, without a doubt, is ShortPixel Image Optimizer with the result that 100/100. The main disadvantage of this plugin – only 100 free images per month.
If your blog is mostly text content and only few pictures, I recommend using ShortPixel as Best Image Optimizer.

In the second place place occupies Compress JPEG & PNG with a limit of 500 images per month.
The size of the optimized image is slightly larger than that of the leader, but this plugin have much more free images per month.

In the third place WP Smush. The size of the optimized image significantly biggest then via previous two plugins, but this plugin is not have limit on the counts of images. If you have a lot of images (like a photoblog), then maybe you should pay attention to WP Smush.

Important, must be remembered:

Some plugins and services can charge a fee for each image. By default, WordPress generates 4 thumbnails for each file. Some plugins and templates can use additional previews (for example, popular the Avada generates more than 10 previews).
As a result, if you have in media library 100 files and you use a paid service for optimization, then you can pay not for 100 images, but for 400 or more images. If you wish customize your theme for decrease of the thumbnails count, you can contact me.

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