Helper Wordpress

Helper Wordpress

Wordpress can be fast. Very fast. Really :)

What the customer wantedNeeded a multilingual business-directory, with the ability to search and sort on various criteria. The template must be "flex" - ie, adapt to the screen resolution of the visitor.

What has been doneThe selected engine (from I-Soft Bizness) is a very good price/functionality. The closest competitor - phpMyDirectory - is exactly 2 times more expensive and less adapted to the Russian-speaking users. The work consisted of a 2-stages: 1. Correction of errors and completion of the program 2. design and adapt template

What has been done (fixes and improvements)

- Implemented a complete CNC in all blocks (new, popular, best firms, etc.); - Was written new mini-news engine instead of the default CuteNews; - Was written the block of search and output by regions; - Accordingly altered the customer panel (imagine that when you add branch, somebody wrote Odessa region, somebody Odesa region - and it would be 2 Odessa region); - Fixed bug with permalinks for companies in the Ukrainian language; - Fixed bug with sending messages (they did not work when the permalinks); - Fixed some minor bugs (developers can apply for the errors); - Increased performance by eliminating redundant functions and make java-script in a separate file; - Multilingual - depending on the language setting, you will be shown one or another version. Also there is the possibility of "manual" switch of languages;

What has been done in terms of design

- A simple unobtrusive design and trendy asymmetrical style does not distract the visitor from the main goal - to find businesses; - "Flex" layout is easily adjusted to both a laptop screen and a widescreen 22 "monitors and above; - Layout made using negative margins, and this means that change the sidebar left or right of the main content - a matter of several minutes; - Cross-browser compatibility minus one generation (ie, if today the actual IE8, it appears correctly in IE7 and IE8). But fully adapt to the 10-year-old browsers - it stupid, so that minus one generation; rabitsa Now actually about why I touted this directory. This is one of the steps of service "website turnkey". This post is to instantly add site in the index of search engines.